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   Welcome to Cabernet Country in southeastern Washington.
The ranch is located north of Pomeroy, Washington and about an hour northwest of Lewiston, Idaho. Some of the summer pasture overlooks the Snake River and Lower Granite Dam. Whether it is in the spring with those beautiful rolling green Palouse hills of new wheat and barley crops or those golden glowing colors in the late summer, this is great country for the Red Angus herd of Cabernet cattle.

   Roger and Diane Koller and their two boys Wyatt (11) and Nolan (13) handle the all of the day-to-day operation of the cattle business. As with all families with young sons, their time is very busy spend around school, football, basketball, baseball and 4-H activities and this family is no different. Their 4-H beef projects include both Wyatt's Branded Beef and Nolan's Branded Beef. Those 4-H steer projects are well know in Al's office staff's freezers in Seattle. Al, the other partner, is located about 300 miles west of the ranch in the greater Seattle area. Not a day goes by that Al doesn't think about what is going on that day at the ranch and how the cattle are performing.

   In our 4th year, the foundation cows are finally getting in line with Roger's calving schedule - calving to start in by mid-December and be completed by mid-February or else. This year we have an excellent group of heifers and bull calves. Our young bulls are working at commercial herds in Southeast Washington and Northeast Oregon. Some of our replacement heifers have found new greener pastures in Montana and Kentucky. Our herd bulls are Glacier Crimson, son of Glacier Chateau 744 and Hughes Carmesi, son of Buffalo Creek Cricket 2205.

Cabernet Country in southeastern Washington   Hope to visit with you at the NILE in Billings, MT or the Bet on Red sale in Reno, NV.

If you get a chance, please stop by the ranch for a cup of coffee or better yet, a glass of cabernet wine.

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